Friday, August 20, 2010

I Dyed

To coin a phrase from Rachel Zoe, "I Dyed" (she says "I died") . This is my dye job that worked! It turned the rather poopy black and white print sundress (that was a second hand find) into something better than it was!

Oh, and I dyed the shoes too!

Thanks to Jessica Schroeder of the web page,, for the overdying idea--had only dyed plain fabrics before.


  1. Wow, that really changed the character of the dress!
    As a pasty blonde, the black and white look is not for me.
    Do you dye in the washer?
    Also, can you spill any secrets on making it less of a PROJECT-I have some pants that need to be dyed. thanks!

  2. Hi Lisa~

    Dying can be messy--I have better luck in a small sink rather than the washing machine or on the stove or kitchen sink--the less room to make a mess the better! Also, use the salt; it helps to make the dye more even.
    What kind of material are the pants? Natural fibers work better--altho if they haven't been properly sized (pre-shrunk) then oops goes the project. Let me know how you make out!

  3. Hi again, they are the Editor style pant from Express, probably a synthetic with a little cotton.
    I had an "oil spill" at work and have been hanging on to these pants, thinking a darker tone will hide the stain.
    They are seriously the best fitting pant ever...
    Will use a small sink and report back, thanks!

  4. My friend loves that style pants also--good luck!