Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Evolution part 2

Back to my wedding outfit! It was suggested that I try my obi in another color--so lacking in another real obi, I tried the black belt with another color shrug.
I am also going to try some scarfs wrapped as obies (?) for more color variety!
So what do we think?


  1. I like the black belt! What about putting the black shrug back on with it?
    How much black is too much to wear to a wedding? Or is that a non-issue, esp. in October? I can guess your opinion of those "rules!"

    I can picture it with a nude-tone scarf or obi to sort of meld with the dress.
    You're right- it is like paper dolls!!

  2. I think the black looks great also. I also was wondering about a nude-colored obi & thought that would work also. Might be easier to do the black shoes/black shrug/black obi -- and I think it would look fantastic!

  3. I'm going that way too altho I am such a color person, I just want a shot of color somewhere!!!

    Looked for shoes today, found some almosts..one black and the other was LEOPARD!!!!

    I'll post with the black and the black.