Monday, August 16, 2010

Breezy Summer Style

This has been a great just-throw-it-on outfit this summer. The top was from J.Jill eons ago, and there is nothing like a linen shirt for the summer. Skirt was another great find at Marshall's-its is a linen blend and very cool and comfortable. It has a dropped fitted waist--so it looks a little tailored, and I think balances out the loosely fitting top--even though both pieces are full.
The shoes are a little bit fugly, I know, but sometimes you just have to go for comfort! I actually LOVE those shoes--they are Naot's and work great in the fall also.


  1. You have a GREAT collection of skirts! I own only 1 casual summer skirt, just because I think my knees look weird, but wish I had more. I love how comfortable all of your skirt outfits look. And great fabrics/colors, too. Thanks for the inspiration ;)

  2. I love skirts Karen, and I find that they are so much easier to wear now than shorts--which are problematic for me. And they are cool -in temp !

    So what do you wear to beat the heat?

  3. lol, good question & therein lies my problem. I DON'T really have any good casual outfits for summer. I have about 3 pair of denim capris that I've worn so many times I swear I'll cry if I have to wear 'em again. Shorts haven't worked for me for quite a few years now. I have a couple of sundresses, but again, my "knee hangup" keeps me from wearing them out in public much! ;) I'm gonna keep an open mind toward skirts, though, as I really like the look of them & I think I've somehow overlooked this option.

  4. lol on the capris thing--my mom lives in hers too!

    How about a slightly longer skirt, sort of a-line or fuller that falls right to the top of the calf to cover your knees? And they are cool blowing in the breeze.....