Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pumpkin Season Style

In lieu of some recent local tragedies, I'm not feeling much like writing about fashion this week.  Some feel that writing can be cathartic, but not for me.  Not to bring you down, but my mind was elsewhere.

I did find some videos that I had made earlier and put them together--hope you enjoy them!

Photo by Inge Morath: Saul Steinberg Masks (c. 1960)
I'm not dressing this year for Halloween; are you?

Have a Happy Halloween regardless!


  1. Sometimes it does seem so superficial to be blogging when there are bad things going on. You have to follow your own moods. I'm glad you shared your video, though, and that funny picture of the "bag ladies"! I love your jackets in the video.

  2. Thanks Val. Yeah, it just felt like fashion was frivolous this week. Not that I crawled in a hole, but writing sometimes should be more profound and many of my friends were very eloquent in their expressions of grief. Me? Not so much. thanks for commenting! xoxo

  3. Your video really made me smile, Paula, thanks for that! xoxo

  4. Looks like both of us had difficult weeks...I am not sure what happened in your community, but I think you are a special lady to have been touched so deeply by it. I began writing when I was in fifth grade as an escape from my real life. I am use to that...and I have learned that when I force things, it never works. So, just feel, reflect, and wait. You look lovely, as always.

    1. Thanks Pam--and for me writing is NOT cathartic. I am glad it helps you; i understand.

  5. Paula--know just how you're feeling--I've been through a similar period recently. {{{{{Hugs}}}}

    I never dress up for Halloween--don't celebrate it.

  6. Sorry that you've had a difficult week. Your post is wonderful, even though you're not feeling like writing. Your videos inspire me.

  7. I love your video! The fall leaves look like a lot of fun. Wish we had some of that here.