Thursday, February 24, 2011

And the Winner Is....

Elle Saab Gown

Well, as promised, here are my three choices for gowns for the Oscar's on Sunday. I think my friends here at the condo thought I had lost my cookies when I was outside taking pictures of my paper doll under the trees!  I had to make excuses that I was taking pictures for a child's book.....

Christian Siriano Gown
 Check out the links if you want to see what they look like on the runway.  My apologies to the designers if I have not represented them correctly~

Oscar de la Renta
 I'd love to know which one is your favorite or what YOU many want to wear if you were going!  I know which one I'd wear......


  1. Paula, my favorite is the Oscar De La Renta! The red color is always a plus and Oscar do gowns like no one else!
    I meet him back in the early 80's at a Mall in San Juan,( P.R.) when he was promoting his accessories and perfumes line. He was so charming!!!

  2. My favorite is also the Oscar de la Renta...and your sketches are beautiful....I am having enough trouble deciding what to wear to my daughter's wedding...there is no way I would know what to wear to the Oscars. But, I like the female star from King's Speech who wears whatever she wants!!

  3. the red Oscar de LaRenta has my vote. cute dolls :-)

  4. Paula, these are wonderful! You are so talented! I love Oscar de la Renta so much, he seems so personable and charming and I love that he worked for Balenciaga in his youth. So while I like the other two gowns, I'd have to go with Oscar all the way.

  5. So great! I love the Elie Saab gown. Can't wait to see what they wear!

  6. Ya gotta love Oscar De LaRenta! You did such a great job on this!!! AMAZING! ~Serene

  7. I'd definitely pick the Christian Siriano gown. Dang, that is nothing but gorgeous, and blue is not even close to my favorite color!
    This is a really cute and super fun post!

  8. Oscar de la Renta is my first pick. The elie saab is my second pick and actually, a more interesting dress.

  9. Gotta go with Christian!!
    Great artwork.

  10. Ofelia~how exciting that you met him! I agree--he can do gowns like no one else..lets see if anyone wears this one--altho I think someone wore it already this year to another event...
    Pam~I havent seen the Kings speech yet but hear it is very now 2 for the Oscar de
    Linda~so now the count is 3 for the Oscar de
    Jill~you are the 4th for the Oscar...and thanks!
    Ariel~I agree with you--my favorite is the Ellie Saab--so we have 2 for the Ellie Saab!
    Serene~He's is your style so now there is 5 for the Oscar
    Thanks Vanessa! And good for you to go with the Christian gown--its so girly.
    Terri~ so 5 for the Oscar and I agree, the Ellie Saab is far more interesting--check out the link for the REAL dress~
    Brett~so thats 2 for the Chirstian gown

    Count 5 Oscar, 2 Ellie Saab, 2 christian

    Lets have some more!

  11. I like you picture of the Ellie Saab gown, better than I like the actual picture of the gown!

    I'd pick that but I think the Oscar gown is more traditional for the winner.

  12. I would go with the middle one, both for the interesting color and fabric... but more importantly, the ability to sit in those teeny auditorium without my pooch popping out and/or creasing the lap lines of a tighter skirt!

    But this does come from the girl who titled a post "Bring back the hoopskirt".

  13. I can imagine what your neighbors were thinking... sooo funny! Just followed you, please follow me back @ Mrs. Shopper at

  14. So you totally nailed the Giuliana Rancic in Christian Siriano look! As soon as I saw her on the Red Carpet, I remembered your paper doll in this dress!

  15. I would pick the Oscar de la Renta red dress. Your other choices are also gorgeous.

    I also loved the simple, elegant dress Reese Witherspoon wore.