Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hey, You Can't Win Them All!

I am going to spare you today with only a few photos of this gettup.  Yup, today was a mistake.  Want to hear my excuses?  Um, it was dreary and rainy?  I was tired?  I'm getting over a cold--brain not functioning?  All of the above?

I THOUGHT that these neutrals would go together--except they aren't really neutrals.  The skirt has a lot of purple in it, and the jacket is really tan.  Mistakenly, I thought these tights were more of a neutral denim color.  I was experimenting with this skirt--its really a great knit, and great shape (doesn't stick to stockings) but it has started to pill. All of it just does NOT tell a good story.  Too much incongruity--if you know what I mean.

To make matters worse?  The button on the jacket was hanging precariously by a thread...

To remix this?  I would definitely get rid of the stockings, use something in the brown family, and do normal boots--brown.  I haven't given up on the skirt yet.

Ever have one of those days? 


  1. Paula, don't be so hard on yourself! We cannot see the pilling or the loose button; and the print of the skirt, the jacket and the boots are great! You might just need to climb into bed with some hot cider and feel better...then you will see the good side of this outfit!

  2. Ithik it looks allright.

  3. I actually think it looks cute. BUT, the most important thing is how you feel in it. I almost don't care how something really looks as long as I fee wonderful in it! Get some rest and pamper yourself girly! ~Serene

  4. You are such a stylin' woman...I wish my mother could meet'd get along!
    Kristina J.

  5. well i agree with the other commenters - it looks pretty good to me! i especially think that the shape/silhouette is really flattering on you. i can see what you mean with the color - to me i would go with the tan jacket or the blue stockings, but both together seem......maybe like they are both equally at the same level? and it mite have more focus if it was one or the other?

    so maybe a dark grey jacket with the blue tights, or oatmeal tights with the tan jacket? either way, i think this overall look is really super cute and flattering on you and would look appropriate just about anywhere - i think this day was really worth it!!! steph

  6. As my mother always says... if you don't feel good about it, you don't look good in it.
    It's mind over matter.
    Restyle that baby and show us what you come up with.

  7. I like the skirt!Definitely worth hanging onto. I know what you mean about an outfit that you feel isn't working. I've had the same thing happen. Sometimes, I like it as I head out the door and change my mind when I see it under the florescent lights of my office cube.
    And, thanks for the nice comments on my photos. I do like them, it's just that there were quite a few obstacles to taking them at night and in the snow! Ha!

  8. Paula--I really like the pattern in the skirt AND I like the color of the tights. They're looking a sort of "periwinkle" to my eye (somewhere between blue and purple). And by the end of the remix challenge, I have some mending on buttons I'd better do soon.

  9. Here's my idea:

    Just switch up the bottom: go with dark tights and boots...then maybe throw on a lightweight scarf for a fun pop of color.

  10. Pam~Thanks and feeling better already!
    Sacramenti~Its more like a color critique..its ok but I think I could do better.
    Serene~I felt better in it than it looked--just being my artist self and looking closely at the colors...
    Hi Kristina~bring your mother on over--convice her to blog with us!
    Steph, I am being an artist here, and you are right, the colors may be the same value so thats why it doesnt work as much as I'd like--I do have some oatmeal color stockings..that may work!
    Silvergirl--restyling is the way Im going--thanks!
    Vanessa, that's exactly what happened==I was feeeling pretty groovy until I looked at the pictures!
    Terri~they ARE periwinkle! They look good with the skirt--its like the top doesnt go with the bottom.
    I think that may work too, Lisa. Take 2!