Sunday, October 31, 2010

Profound Thoughts~Mexican or Chinese?

I've always been a fan of Project Runway~well sort of.  I've watched it faithfully since its inception, (what eight seasons now?) and have loved watching creativity in motion.

I am not a fan of all the subterfuge; the forced drama, the senseless agony, and the schizophrenic judging.  I feel badly for the designers that have to prostitute themselves--design is a tough world--I guess they do what they must.

PR sometimes becomes a popularity contest and after all--I'm not going to know the designer when I buy clothes.  Eventually though, it comes down to the judges taste, and as Michael Kors said, ..."Mexican or Chinese?".

Myself?  Even my fantasy of being on Project Runway wouldn't last long. I'd be the old lady of the group, I'd be a one trick pony designing commercial clothes for the matronly set.  After all, I'd be designing clothes that were appropriate yet fun for women my age (particularly bathing suits).

The fashion world is a weird place for sure, and I don't think I want to be going there anytime soon.  I'll take some style, thank-you very much--and a touch of fashion.

Nitty-gritty:  Your fave--Mondo or Gretchen?


  1. I am without tv, so only know about Project Runway from the little clips I get on line. Some of those clips look pretty agoninzing, but perhaps that's some of the subterfuge you describe. I can't vote, although I gather I should be supporting Mondo.

  2. Mondo, Mondo, Mondo. But not because Gretchen came off as a know-it-all jerk. I favored Mondo because I truly felt an emotion when I saw his clothing. It was fun and sassy and colorful and playful. I didn't feel much of anything with Gretchen's collection. It was nice, but nice doesn't really make me want to buy and wear it.

  3. As I watched this season, I became a big fan of Mondo and was shocked he did not win. I would love to be able to mix patterns the way that he does. I did like Gretchen's final show, but overall thought Mondo should have been the grand prize winner!

  4. I haven't seen the finale yet (been out of town), but am looking forward to it. I thought Mondo was hands down the winner from the middle of the season. Hard to imagine how Gretchen could come up with a better collection. I'm with Tim Gunn who's been on record saying that the women judges tend to give higher ratings to clothes they'd want to wear rather than to the sophistication and complexity of the design.

  5. Elle, Mondo, Mondo Mondo for me too!
    Terri~Its almost scary they cruelty they impose on the designers--they say that's the way the biz of fashion is...
    Vanessa, don't you just love it when clothing evokes something? Brilliant!
    Over 50, and he did it in such a chic way!
    Still, very true that Gretchens could have been more wearable--but it just wasnt MY style. Nice, like Vanessa said.