Saturday, September 25, 2010


Some things just make me crazy.  I love fashion, but similar to art, sometimes it makes no sense.  I watch a few fashion shows on television, one being Fashion Police with Joan Rivers on E!,  Project Runway and The Rachel Zoe Project.   The ridiculousness of it all came to light for me via Joan Rivers.

For example. this week it was Jessica Simpson as the Project Runway Judge.  Lots of press about this phenomenon--and to make matters worse, Michael Kors designed that dress she is wearing that does NOTHING for her figure--her figure really not that bad.   ( other pics of Jessica )  Joan let out a wail when these pictures were shown!  Most people question Jessica's qualifications as a judge, as do I, but what was worse for me was the fact that Michael Kors DIDN'T THINK THIS LOOKED AWFUL ON HER????  And the way he makes fun of the other designers?  Has he lost all sense of logic and proportion??? (yes, a flashback from the words to "Go ask Alice", Grace Slick--Jefferson Airplane)  

Then there was Rachel Zoe at the Met Ball in Marc Jacobs.  (GO TO PHOTO #12).  OMG.  How could anyone have let her wear this?  She can look good if she covers her skeleton-like figure.  It's really insane--and she is self-conscious of the press when they accuse her of being anorexic~I just don't get it.

These are the visuals for this week that have just been stuck in my craw, and keep me babbling.... 


  1. Wow, you're so right -- can't you just hear what M.K. would be saying if one of the contestants had designed that dress? And R.Z. -- a shocking picture -- how could anyone not be taken aback, esp. those who care about her well-being? Sad.

    On a positive note, I've watched "On the Road with Austin & Santino" & enjoyed seeing their creations for "everyday" women. They seem enthusiastic and sincere -- refreshing. :)

  2. Exactly Karen, about both Michael and Rachel.

    I too have watched, "on the road..." and it is refreshing, altho not so sure about their creations.....makes me wonder some more...did they not make it in the fashion field????

  3. I have tried a number of Michael Kors' plus size designs on and only a couple of flowy jersey tops are cut well for a plus size woman. He seems to forget that women have hips and cuts a lot of stuff like a rectangle...crappy fit if you have curves. And just the general idea of some of his designs are so off I wouldn't even try them on.

    Frankly, I'm with Tim Gunn who has publicly complained about the quality of the judging for the last 2 seasons. He says Heidi & Nina only like things that they would wear. Hey, there are a lot of designs that I wouldn't wear on that show (assuming I had Heidi's body) but are great design. If the design process wasn't so interesting to watch I think I might ditch this show.

    I could only take a couple of the "On the Road" shows. I love Santino but Austin...too camp for me.

    And Rachel Zoe...I watch a few and then get irritated with her and stop (terrible manager, terrible boss, terrible wife, decent stylist). Sometimes it's hard to believe she's 40ish based on the way she acts. I hadn't seen her in that yellow dress til now and wow...she must have body dismorphia if she thinks that looks good!

    Yikes....too many opinions on this subject! Sorry for the rant.

  4. Hhhm. I don't watch television, although I've been very curious about Project Runway. Guess that makes me an uninformed commenter. I agree about Jessica Simpson ensemble. I couldn't get the Rachel Zoe gallery to load, so my judgment is still out on that one. So, we need to pitch a new show idea...

  5. Still Red-headed--glad to hear your rant! Tim has become quite frustrated also, I know. I still watch it tho because I do like to see the artistic process--

    Rachel bug me too, but I have gotten a few fashion ideas to wear from her show---maybe I should just put in on "mute".

    Terri~I REALLY dont watch that much tv either, but I watch the fashion stuff and old movies. There really is nothing good on!

  6. I like Project Runway because you can actually see the creative process and make your own call on the result, unlike the cooking competitions and other things on TV. I've seen things that I can see were beautifully crafted, but doesn't work because of the fabric choice or proportion or something. I've also appreciated some basic construction techniques that resulted in a great look.

    Not that I need to defend watching PR...but I just had a conversation with my sister about why it was more compelling than some other competition/reality shows and thought I'd pass it on.