Monday, September 13, 2010

Alice and Aya

Remember paper dolls? I figure if I can't have glamour in MY life, than I'll create someone who can~and perpetuate the fantasy!

Meet Alice and Aya. Alice, on the left, is the more traditional paper doll, she just has one problem--she has flashbacks. You'll see that in the future. Aya, (short for Ayako meaning color child, or design child) was inspired by a Kokeshi doll I saw at the Morristown Museum in NJ. She has more of a daring aesthetic (like me).

Just think--they are timeless, have inexhaustible money, and can travel ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! They are at fashion week right now, and will appear from time to time for special occasions; maybe the Oscars, maybe Paris in springtime or winter in the Bahamas!

Hope you enjoy them and look forward to hearing from them in the future~


  1. Haha, I love Alice and Aya! They sound little pretty fun girlies. You sound like a fun lady yourself ;)

    Thank you for your comments, they really touched me :) Its good to find ones out there who care just because someone should. So thanks.

    - Nesha, the button owl

  2. Nesha, so glad to hear it, made me all warm and fuzzy inside too. Fashion bonding, lol

  3. Paula, OMG you are a Creative Freak of Nature!
    I love the concept, you worked out how to enhance the blog without going all commercial on us. I knew you wouldn't sell out :) but I did not expect your new posse!!!
    Nice way to appeal to both the fit-ins and the stand-outs...We can all be inspired by both.
    Of course I'm all about the hand-drawn aesthetic too, coooool.

  4. What a great idea! I remember pouring over issues of the Katy Keene comics for hours in my grandmother's basement, but I like your version better. I look forward to their "outfits."

  5. Thanks all---oh and Terri you have your version in your mannequin!! I love her too--especially the hair! We all have to escape somehow!