Monday, August 30, 2010


After perusing the September Vogue, I decided it is a very uninspiring season~same old stuff (guess it comes with age--seen it all before!). I'll have to dig into my own personal style to refresh my wardrobe.
First on the agenda for the seasonal refresh: my inspiration board (I do have a few items-best look of the season for me is the retro-fifties look)
Second: I shop my closet; pick the items I'd like to focus on, figure out where the gaps are and get rid of any items that don't make it anymore (for whatever reason--fit, style, or worn out)
Third: I make my list of items I need--the basics, the "must-haves" (the trends). ps I don't always find what is on the list, but I do try and budget what I may need to spend money on and what I can cheat on.
Fourth: Go shopping! I try and only shop for one season at a time~otherwise I get overwhelmed!
This year I am redecorating my closet, so this will be a particularly involved project. I hope to get rid of a lot more stuff tho!
Oh, and I'd love to have someone post their daily outfits on a blog with me! I want to see what someone else is wearing!!!


  1. Thanks for saving me the trouble of getting through Vogue myself!

  2. I know, huh? Altho its probably in the waiting room at the shop, right?