Monday, August 9, 2010


This should be in the DON'T photos in Glamour (I think)--just put the block across my eyes. Scarry, but at our age, one mistep and its granny time.
The problem. I think. is the blouse--its a little scandinaavian/heidi type. I like it because it is fitted, has stretch, short sleeves and is longer in the front. And although the skirt is modern (Victoria's Secret) it is not a good combo. Have to try again! (Actually, I have worn this skirt with a jean jacket and got many compliments so there is hope for it!)


  1. It's interesting that you could take the straight skirt in the earlier post with the looser fitting top and it looked modern but do the opposite, fitted top with full skirt and you get the grandma effect.

    I really love your blog concept of taking current fashion and adapting it for us 50-somethings. I've been searching and searching for blogs like this.

  2. I don't want to set off the granny alarm so I'll keep tuning in :)

  3. I know Nancy--its the truth! Inciteful comment tho about the proportions-I didnt even notice that! I think it was the blouse that blew it--

    I'm really excited that I can be of help! I had been searching too,for a site and decided to do it myself. If you have anything you'd like me to try--just let me know~

  4. Lets hope that granny alarm dosent go off too much, huh Lisa?