Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Funky but chic

So this was the first try...hadn't worn these shoes all summer and although I don't usually do matchy-match, I tried them with the green shirt.
I'm still trying to do the funky but chic, but it is harder! Looks like I'm trying out for the ballet...
I changed the shoes for something less colorful, shall we say? It lost part of the funk, but it still looks modern, I think.
I'm going to try and tone down the shoes; maybe dying them, or changing the straps..something!


  1. I really like this esp. with the darker shoes ;)and also the impromptu lunch outfit -- the skirts are both great & I love how you put the outfits together. Either one would be just right for many occasions.

  2. Thanks Karen, love you to keep tuning in--you can help me with the wedding outfit I am trying to put together--stay tuned!