Saturday, August 14, 2010

Evolution of an Outfit (Oct Wed)

I have a evening wedding to go to in October. I found this dress at a vintage store--its from Talbots and with a little help, I think it might work!
My original vision was to have a shrug, obi belt and some wild, maybe colorful shoes. I tried the obi and the shrug--
Tomorrow I will try some of my shoes just for effect (because you know I will need new shoes!) and maybe another belt and another color shrug.
Stay tuned and help me out!


  1. I see HIGH black heels with this ensemble, the kind I wish I could still wear all night long.
    I love the dress!
    Just wondering, do you have another color obi?

  2. Lisa, high heels, I agree, as high as I can stand it! And there are some HONKING big ones out there, but I already tried an older high pair on and OMG couldnt do it--feet kill. So I'm looking for a statement, but not too high.

    Good point on the obi--I will try another color via a scarf and see how that looks.

    This is like paperdolls!