Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Cargo Thing

See what you think! This outfit was from my inspiration board from Lucky Magazine

July 2010. I like to try and adapt the styles in Lucky to the over 50 set. This was about cargo skirts and t-shirts http://luckymag.com/style/howto/styling/2010/07/cargo_skirts.

I lengthened the skirt a bit--they recommended mid thigh! The shirt was a great find at Victoria's Secret and I could belt it. I left out the lux accessories THIS time, but could certainly dress it up if need be. I don't think it looks too young......but still modern.
Cargo pants are just TOO young--don't you think? This is a great alternative!


  1. Hey zenartist,
    I love the skirt- is it a cargo skirt because it has side pockets? I don't see any bulky fabric there and I love the length.

  2. Very glad to visit your new blog! I spend much time (too much) on-line searching & searching for age-appropriate outfits that are stylish & modern. I really dread shopping in stores now & I usually leave empty-handed anyway! You are so right about the giant void of fashion available to "us" at this age. Looking forward to your ideas & thanking you in advance! :)

  3. Lisa--glad to see you here! And yes, Cargo skirt has side pockets. I was so lucky to find the skirt at the right length! Cargo pants just wouldn't do for us fiftysomethings--too much material.

    Karen--Welcome! I hear ya girlfriend~I'm hoping I can help a few of the over fifties--
    Surprisingly, I do get a lot of ideas from Lucky magazine--they offer reasonably priced clothing and not totally high-fashion but wearable. I just have to adapt it to OUR age!